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Underwater Treadmill


Pfister Animal Hospital provides hydrotherapeutic exercise to dogs of all sizes. The Underwater Treadmill water height is regulated to accommodate different size animals and is adjusted for weight bearing.  The unobstructed view reduces the patient's stress during therapy sessions.  


With hydrotherapy, patients' muscles are strengthened with little to no pressure on joints due to the buoyancy of the water.  The warm water helps to increase blood circulation, increases the flexibility of muscles and joints and relieves pain. Water resistance helps build muscle mass, strengthen limbs, and provides a full cardiovascular workout.


Geriatric, post surgical and obese animals can exercise without injury for longer periods of time in water than on land.  The geriatric patient can rebuild muscle mass and prevent muscle atrophy.  

The post surgical patient can have an earlier return to full exercise plus full function.  

An overweight animal will exerience a decrease in weight and an increase in overall fitness.  


Additional advantages of hydrotherapy are the ability to work more muscle groups simultaneously and the water decreases the risk of dogs overheating while exercising.  

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