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​   Since the summer of 1993 we have developed into a full service pet-care facility. Our goal was to keep the business model of the small hospital within the larger confines of our 12000 square foot facility. By doing so, clients can develop a relationship with an individual doctor/technician and not feel they are in a rotation of the first available professional employee. This relationship makes familiarity with a case much easier, be it in the exam room or phone consultation.

  I am extremely proud of the building we have, but more importantly I am proud of the staff, friends and clients associated with our community hospital. When entering our facility you will notice that pets are quickly out of the "waiting" area and into exam rooms, hospital, grooming, or boarding. This minimizes any perceived stress by either owner or pet. The exam rooms are designed to accomodate large families and any special need the pet or client may have.  We also complete all financial transactions in that room. By doing so, the pet and client are once again put at ease by not having to "wait their turn" at the front desk. We diligently attempt to avoid waiting. Your time is important to us.

Robert M. Pfister, D.V.M.
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