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  We are happy to announce our redesigned cat boarding facility. This room was updated to reduce stress when your cat boards with us.

  These modular cat condos have many features to enhance your cat's time away from home:


  •  Separate area for litter box use.

  •  Shelf space to allow cats natural instinct to be up        high.

  •  Portals connect condos to increase living space.

  •  Cat bed provided.

  In addition, this room is painted in colors proven to be calming to some cats. We have provided a cat tree and other climbing objects for use during playtimes and installed a Feliway pheromone diffuser to enhance the calm atmosphere.


Cat Condo $21 per cat/night 

Multiple cat households sharing two condos will receive a  discount of  25% on the second cat.

       VACCINES MUST BE CURRENT and given at least two weeks prior to first day of stay!

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