Digital monitoring devices such as EKG, blood pressure and oxygen saturation ensure we have the safest anesthestic procedure possible when your pet is having surgery.  This equipment is required for all surgeries and is used in conjuction with our medical staff's monitoring skills.

Our ultrasound machine gives us the ability to assess your pet beyond the level of x-rays.  We can evaluate your pet's internal organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys to diagnose disease, tumors and other conditions that may not be evident on a physical exam or found in other diagnostic modes. This image is of the inside of a heart in a pet that was diagnosed with a murmur.

Digital radiology is the most current method of taking and developing xrays.  This technology allows for faster results while you wait.  We are also able to electronically send these images to specialists locally and out of the area for second opinions to assist in your pet's medical case.  This xray shows a litter of puppies!

Digital Dental radiology helps us diagnose dental disease under the gum line that can't be evaluated during a regular oral exam.  The tooth in the center of this image has a rounded area of bone loss indicating a tooth root abcess.  If untreated this disease can affect the surrounding teeth or cause a jaw fracture.  This bone loss was not visible in the dog's mouth without using xray.



Tonopen tonometer allows us to measure the pressure of your pet's eyes to diagnose glaucoma or anterior uveitis.  This test takes a few minutes during a physical exam.

Our in house blood machines allow us to perform many diagnostics with same day results.  These machines allow for quicker diagnosis of your pet's medical condition and also a fast way to monitor ongoing diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.  Many long term medications require yearly monitoring to maintain safe, effective doses.  We are able to give you same day recommendations on drug dosage changes

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